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Mann-Pak offers cutting-edge products and technologies for many industries, and we can even help you select the right machines for your specific packaging project. See what we offer, and how our products can benefit your organization. Then give us a call.


High-clarity, low-gauge, source-reducing films that provide maximum strength and uniform shrink characteristics. Available grades include general purpose, abuse resistant crosslinked, anti-fog and biodegradable films. All grades are FDA/USDA compliant.



A wide variety of barrier material for fresh, refrigerated and frozen food applications, as well as reheatable/ovenable lidding applications. These films provide easy peel or lock seal characteristics, and have anti-fog properties. Laser micro-perforated grades that offer high oxygen transmission rates, or grades that afford steam cooking capabilities are also available.


Clear, opaque and/or metalized polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, OPS, cellophane, and PLA bio-films are available. A visit to any grocery store will reveal thousands of applications for these film products, including printed paper towel or tissue multi-pack wraps, printed direct mail overwraps, confectionery wraps, baked goods and neutraceutical wraps, and more.



Also known as U-board rollstock, layer board is used as a carrier for individual or multi-packs of candies, baked goods and snack packs. Layer boards can be enhanced with attractive high-quality, multi-colored graphics. Available as plain, clay-coated, polycoated and perforated paperboard rollstock. Pre-cut and die cut blanks are also available. JIT delivery programs can be tailored to reduce overall inventory.


Glassine paper is produced from very highly refined pulp that is super-calendered via hot polished rollers under high pressure. The resultant sheet is extremely smooth and exhibits a moderate degree of grease resistance. Glassine is available in bleached (semi-transparent), white opaque and several assorted colored grades. The largest markets for plain and printed glassine are fluted cupstock for marketing chocolates, cookies and other confections, as well as printed and heat seal coated glassine as an overwrap for flavored and fruit-filled pies and pastries.



Our Go-Green rigid polypropylene trays are produced using a proprietary thermoform process that utilizes 30% less material and 30% less energy than competitive thermoformed high barrier or formed plastic trays. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced by 21%, as compared to conventional thermoforming. Additionally, printed plastic trays can be furnished, thereby eliminating an outer box or paperboard sleeve, further reducing potential CO2 emissions by 8,920 metric tons or the equivalent of 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline.


Shrink bundling film is commonly used with automated packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels, and is used to unitize loose items such as canned goods, bottles, building materials, paper and other bulk containers or products. For source reduction, these products can be unsupported or placed in trays or partial cases. Because durability and puncture resistance are important, the films are usually produced in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 400 gauge.



• A wide range of printed, lightweight paper-faced barrier rollstock laminations for packaging dry soups, drink mixes and similar moisture-sensitive product packaging applications.

• PETG, OPS, PLA and Roll-On-Shrink-On (ROSO) films for bottle, can and canister shrink sleeve labeling.

• High-barrier polymer nanocomposite films for unsupported and/or lamination applications.

• Through our packaging partners we can provide industrial and retail sideweld plastic bags/shrink bags, loose or wicketed, with or without zipper closures.

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